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Title: Basic Tor setup
Description: How do you know if you're anonymized?

POETIK - December 15, 2007 11:10 PM (GMT)
After reading so many posts I don't know if this is too basic but here goes.
For those who are new to this sort of thing there ought to be a simple way to setup. Granted the products strength is its versatility, but for someone who's new to proxy/TOR it's all very confusing. Most users are on dsl or cable and will have a regular set of configuration settings right?
I tried fumbling through the controls and found the option for the Tor proxy that read; direct connection, manual config and automatic config. In an attempt to get this extention to function I've set the direct option, which works, however, how do I know if I'm being anonymized or not? The setting reads; no proxy - so does that mean that I'm not being routed through Tor at all?
I've been searching for a basic user setup guide or something but all the posts I read seem far advanced or unsuited to my obstacle.

Eric H. Jung - December 16, 2007 02:57 AM (GMT)

Yes, you are correct there is no currently no manual on the foxyproxy website for people who are new to proxies.

If it's tor you're interested in learning about, I encourage you to visit the tor website and to ask your questions on their mailing list.

If it's proxies you're interested in learning about, I suggest you read this article which I've linked to in the foxyproxy faq.

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