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Amazing Red - August 29, 2011 02:07 AM (GMT)
Matt Sydal vs. Matt Striker.

Matt Striker stands in the center of the ring bouncing around, ready to fight. Striker’s attire is white short tights, white boots
His name plate flashes up on television screens and the titantrons.

Lillian Garcia:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall!
In the ring is former social studies teacher at Benjamin N. Cardozo
High School Matt Striker!

Jim Ross:
Matt Striker is an intelligent, charismatic and athletic

Jerry Lawler:
His opponent can be described the the same

The mash up of Alkaline Trio’s Clavicle and Mr. Chainsaw blares over the p.a. Matt dashes out to the stage and raises his right arm with a peace sign and makes his way down the ramp highfiving as many fans as possible on both sides of the aisle.

Lillian Garcia:
From St. Louis Missouri weighing in at 187 pounds . . .
Matt Sydal!

Matt Sydal is in his usual Dragon Gate attire, he slides into the ring on his stomach then rises up and raises a peace sign. The bell is rung and Striker talks trash at Sydal who stands his ground and then they lock up and Striker attaches a face lock and torques Sydal’s head and Sydal cries out in agony, Matt trash talks at Sydal again and attempts a chinlock but Sydal sticks the landing with a front flip then rotates and spreads his arms mouthing “what”. Striker runs at Sydal who executes a mayorana and Striker rises with a somersault and stands against the turnbuckle corner, Sydal runs forward and is back tossed by Striker but he sticks the landing on the apron, he rams a head butt into the midsection of the on-coming Striker and goes for the slingshot sunset flip but Striker rises and takes him down with a rope-hung swinging neck breaker!!!

Jim Ross:

Sydal is writhing in pain, his neck has been targeted, Matt Striker has successfully grounded him.

Jerry Lawler:
Ouch, that landing looked painful!

Sydal writhes in pain and holds the back of his neck and Striker covers him, lifts the leg but Sydal kicks out at two, aggravating Striker. Striker yanks Sydal to his feet by the ear and attempts an back suplex-inverted flapjack combo, the fans “ooh” and then boo him, they pop when Sydal kicks out at two again. Striker is non-stop he works the neck with a chinlock and shouts “ He’s not making a name for himself off me, no way!” The match is very shoot style, very stiff and the commentators take notice of this and talk about it.

Jim Ross:
A very shoot-style atmosphere, nobody’s holding back.

Jerry Lawler:
Sydal has trained in Japan so I am not sure if this is a smart idea by Matt Striker.

Sydal rises hunched over and fights out with punches to the gut doubling over Matt Striker, he jumps around him in a circle facing him forward and he lunges forward connecting the jumping high knee strike to the chin flooring Striker. Striker slaps the mat angrily and runs forward with a lariat but Sydal evades by ducking then runs forward running the ropes bouncing off and returning with a step up head scissors takedown for a huge pop tossing Striker across the ring, Striker uses the ring ropes to rise and he runs forward and yells a battle cry with a big boot attempt but his foot is caught by Sydal who connects a swift roundhouse to the back of the shin causing Striker to fall flat on his back and Sydal attempts the standing moonsault touching his kickers in mid-air but he crashes down crotch first into the raised boot of Striker.

Jim Ross:
That was uncalled for.

Sydal writhes in pain groaning

Jerry Lawler:
Low blow! You can see the tears in his eyes!

Sydal eventually crawls to the turnbuckle, Striker runs forward but Sydal extends his legs with a dropkick of sorts using the turnbuckle for leverage transitions to seated position of the turnbuckle then he rises and he executes the 15 foot- torso tearing- gut busting- rib cracking shooting star press touching his ankles in mid-
air before connecting for the one two three!

Sydal rises and Amazing Red crawls out from under the ring, slides in and jumps on his back and attaches the headlock and unleashes a fury of elbow strikes, punches, Sydal hunches over and Red falls down and somersaults then rises and attempts a jumping corkscrew roundhouse but Sydal ducks and sidesteps causing Red to land crotched on the top ring rope, Sydal connects a few roundhouses to the upper body eventually knocking him off to the ground. Sydal slides out of the ring, takes a chair next to where the bell keeper is and he jogs back and slams the chair down on Red’s back repeatedly. The camera fades as we go to commercial with a close up on Sydal’s facial expression which is completely pissed off.

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