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Title: Mini Dragster Plans

nitrogg - April 15, 2008 01:00 PM (GMT)
hi can anyone tell me where i might get some plans to build a mini dragster? ALSO A RULE BOOK?

oddball - September 8, 2008 11:55 PM (GMT)
Well for the rulles you can go to there sights to get the books and information.
nhra ihra . I dont have the ihra book and you kinda need an inturpetor to read the nhra book. It is a good place to start. Also the nhra book does have a basic plan for a car. If you bild your car to the top fuel specs you wont have any problem geting it surtified to run. Just stay with in there standards. Theese standards are so far and above whe we need to be safe it is rediculos but if you want to play in there sand box you play by there rules.
THe car that I just bilt wont stant up to there specks. I used .095 dom miled stell tube. they want .118 wall. I usto run circle track and the 090 is strongenouph to save me at 120 mph with 3300lbs and 20 other idiots trying to drive threw me so it is way stronget they I need for this 600lb car. But they dont car about weight or total mass. THey have rules for that 1000 lb chunck of iron that is trying to run you over.
I am runing at a couple of outlaw tracks so they dont car . It also hepled me to find out the amount of material I will need to bild the better car. I also bilt my gigs so I can bild the next one. As soon as Ican aford a Tig I will bild a cromemolly chasie that can be surtified. If you would like my meshurments I can putsomthing together for you. Hope that this helps. Dan -=-=-

JerryG - January 2, 2009 08:41 PM (GMT)
In garys request for plans /bluprints, my partner & I built our car from the nhra book. Mainly for the drivers compartment. The rest of the car were our ideas. the most important was the rearend... We wanted something strong, with hopes of 700+hp. and to stop! In A nitemair I came up with -- A car spool,31spline car axels ,wildwood brakes ,IHRA Q/R rules -a brake per axel. And a chute . Bill Bater from Norwalk loved our car ,and we raced Q/R in 1992 ,with IHRA's blessings . I will be sending to umdra web page man a dvd of the prostar finals from 1992- A cool 4 min. pice . My car (EXPRESS MINI DRAGSTER) running nitro. We did get a best that weekend of 8.60 at 160. once on 78%nitro . If anybody needs any information or help I am JERRY G JERRY G :

Chasman - January 4, 2009 03:03 AM (GMT)
Gary, I have several copies of last years rule book. And you will need this, but what you really need are the SFI specs. I can try to fax the pertinent info if you have a fax machine. You must follow these specs exactly or your car will not certify and you will not be able to race at any sanctioned race. I don't know of any plans but the SFI specs pretty much tell you what you need to know.

My advice. Buy a good fiberglass dragster seat, get a copy of the SFI 2.7b specs mock up the motor and the tires, and connect the dots. If you get stuck give me a call @ advanced chassis 419-258-2100 or just ask the question on here.

BTW Where are you located? What kind of motor?

PM me your address and I'll send you a rule book.

Good luck, and try to make it to the meet and greet this year.


mrrickyd - January 4, 2009 05:17 AM (GMT)
Hey Dan, I tried to send you a PM but don't think it went through. I would like those rules and the SFI specs also if you don't mind. I am in Mobile,Al.

Rick Davis

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