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Title: GTA: SA Code Index
Description: Codes for all cheat devices

Crazy - March 26, 2005 03:15 PM (GMT)
Special Thanks To Skiller For Supplying Most Of These Codes.

All Of these codes will work on any cheat device because it is in RAW. So as long as you have the right Master code, these codes will work. Words in orange means it is a note you should read first.

The codes will be in this order:
Master Codes
Misc. Codes
Never Explode Codes
Cheat Active Codes
Infinite Codes
Ammo Codes
Traffic Codes
Disabler Codes
Invisible Codes
Gravity Codes
Wanted Level Codes
Weather/World Codes
Time Stats Codes
Rank Stats Codes
Speed Stats Codes
Player Stats Codes
Weapon Stats Codes
Crime Stats Codes
Gang Stats Codes
Acheivement Stats Codes
Mission Stats Codes
Misc. Stats Codes
The Scraps Codes

Master Codes

(M) CB1-9:
98495ACF 789CFB15

(M) AR2V2/GS2V2:
0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5
F0100208 0000000E

(M) Gameshark/Xp 3.1 to 4:
98495ACF 789CFB15

(M) Gameshark/Xp Media/Broadband:
760CF590 00000000
98495ACF 789CFB15

Misc. Codes (46)

Faster Loading:
2053C1D8 03E00008
2053C1DC 00000000

Never Lose Weapons When Busted/Wasted:
201997F0 03E00008
201997F4 00000000

Police Boat Guns On All Boats:
20160710 14000003

Nitro Boost (Bikes):
20326CE4 00000000

Nitro Boost (Cars):
2014BC00 00000000

Free Bombs:
0066BF8C 00000001

Free Re-sprays:
0066BF90 00000001

Tires Never Pop (Motorcycles):
2032CB10 03E00008
2032CB14 00000000

Tires Never Pop (Cars):
20162588 00000000

More Car Colors (In Particular Cop Cars):

Cardboard Cut-Out On Bikes:
2010FC98 00000000

Ghost World:
2010FC08 00000000

No Doors On Cars:
20145518 00000000

Fire truck Props on Boats:
Note: You cannot see the fire hose, but it is there.
20160710 00000000
20160718 0C0C0D1C

Shadow Vehicles:
10392016 00000000

Only Your Car Is Immune To Weapons:
2016A504 00000000
1016A568 00000202

Only Your Car Receives No Damage From Collisions:
20146A2C 00000000
20146A40 00000000

Take No Damage From Falling From High Places:
20196694 00000000

Super Molotov:
2012e9bc 24a578e8

Flaming Spray can:
2013efd8 24a578e8

Super Car Xplosion:
2012FF78 24A57860

More Boat Colors:
2015EDF8 00000000

More Motorcycle Colors:
2032309C 00000000

More Train Colours:
202B47EC 00000000

No Visual Car Damage:
201629F0 03E00008
201629F4 00000000

Invisible Sky (Cool):
202EDC40 03E00008
202EDC44 00000000

All Vehicles Have Fire truck Props:
2014B414 00000000

Flaming Fire Extinguisher:
2013EFF8 24A578E8

Heli from Hell (Fire Ground Affects):
2015E3A4 24A57BC0

Sprint Indoors:
007062A9 00000000
007062B5 00000000

The Rocketeer (jetpack):
20668128 40c00000
2066812c 40800000
20668134 40000000

Auto Jumps:
(L3 to jump anytime in anything. Replace ???? with below:
40A0 jump high/4020 to jump half as high)

201595c8 3c03????
2014b528 10400013
203252c8 0c05655c
003252cc 00000000
203db5c4 0c05655c
2014b504 1000000a
2014b4e0 10000013
2014b4b0 1040001f
2014b4b8 1000001d
2014b458 10000035
2014b42c 10000040
0014b570 00000000

Never lose your location when busted or wasted:
002a2074 00000000
002a2078 00000000
002a207c 00000000

Blood Shadows:
2011315C 24847748

AutoTows - The LocoTow Co:
2015a2a8 10000005
2017884c 10000003
20178c80 10000003
2020af84 10000006
003d9fe4 00000000
00141afc 00000000
2014b4c4 10000004
0015387c 00000000
2015a6f0 10000003

Extinguisher Green:
2013EFF8 24a578f8

Molotov Green Flames:
2012e9bc 24a578f8

Flamethrower Green Flames:
2013EFB4 24a578f8

Skin/Walk Through Everything:
20322850 03E00008

Quick Sand (Ground):
20322878 00000000

Windows Turn Red when cracked:
2011320C 24847748

Windows Turn Black when cracked:
2011320C 27849A98

Random Floating Cars:
2014b730 00000000

Auto Exhibitions...the new warp speed:
Note: * the second line is for your top end speed and prolongs your wheelie distance, it can be left out)
20166998 3c03????
0014bc00 00000000*

Pinball Cars:
2014c1b4 10400001
2014c1bc 3c02c018
2014c1c0 34420000

FWD's are AWD's:
0014c918 00000000
0015cda8 00000000

Never Explode Codes (5)

Cars Never Explode:
20155AA0 03E00008
20155AA4 00000000

Boats Never Explode:
20161670 03E00008
20161674 00000000

Motorcycles Never Explode:
2032C620 03E00008
2032C624 00000000

Planes Never Explode:
2031EF10 03E00008
2031EF14 00000000

Helicopters Never Explode:
202FFA80 03E00008
202FFA84 00000000

Cheat Active (Always On) (47)

Quick Time:
0088D70B 00000001

Ped Riot:
0088D70E 00000001

Peds Attack:
0088D70F 00000001

Peds With Weapons:
0088D710 00000001

Invisable Car:
0088D71B 00000001

Better Handling (Cars):
([L3] to Jump)
0088D71C 00000001

ALL Green lights:
0088D71E 00000001

Aggressive Drivers:
0088D71F 00000001

Cars Pepto Pink:
0088D720 00000001

Cars are Black:
0088D721 00000001

Cars Drive on Water:
0088D722 00000001

Flying Boats:
0088D723 00000001

Active Cheat Cars 1:
0088D727 00000001

Active Cheat Cars 2:
0088D728 00000001

Have Beachwear:
(Note gives the affect of No one around when Cuz its always on)
0088D729 00000001

Active Cheat Cars 3:
0088D72A 00000001

Gangs Rule the Streets:
0088D72B 00000001

Ninja (puts mainly Bikes On Street):
0088D72C 00000001

Bondage Gear:
(Cuz always on it sets things to Bikes)
0088D72d 00000001

Shit Cars:
clover, peren, manana, moonbeam, previon, rumpo, glendale, oceanic, hermes, virgo, greenwoo, buccanee, willard, remingtn, hustler, intruder, broadway, tornado, primo, tampa, tahoma, savanna
0088D72E 00000001

Fast Cars:
buffalo, infernus, cheetah, banshee, hotknife, turismo, zr350, comet, supergt, bullet, uranus, jester, sultan, elegy, flash, euros, club, phoenix
0088D72F 00000001

Flying Cars (anything with 4 wheels):
0088D730 00000001

Super Bunny Hop:
0088D731 00000001

Smash N' Boom:
0088D734 00000001

All Cars Have Nitro:
0088D735 00000001

Floaters (Hit Cars Float):
0088D736 00000001

Time 0000 (Strange sky)/Stop Time:
0088D737 00000001

Time 2100/Auto Sunset:
0088D738 00000001

Super Jump:
0088D73C 00000001

Infinite Health:
0088D73D 00000001

Infinite Lung:
0088D73E 00000001

No Wanted LVL (Free Roaming):
0088D741 00000001

CJ has Killer Punch:
0088D743 00000001

Chaos Mode:
0088D745 00000001

Fun House:
(Note Cuz always on All Cars Have Hydraulics)
0088D746 00000001

Infinite Ammo:
0088D748 00000001

Shoot 'n Drive:
0088D749 00000001

No Peds/Cars (Odd Car):
0088D74A 00000001

All Traffic Is Countryside Traffic:
sanchez, walton, rancher, journey, tractor, wayfarer, freeway, linerun, petro
0088D74B 00000001

Recruit Anyone:
(Up to 8 ppl) (Pistols)
0088D74C 00000001

Recruit Anyone:
(Up to 8 ppl) (Aka's)
0088D74D 00000001

Recruit Anyone:
(Up to 8 ppl) (BAZOOKAS)
0088D74E 00000001

Max Respect:
0088D74F 00000001

Max Sex Appeal:
0088D750 00000001

Reduce traffic:
0088D75A 00000001

Taxies have Nitro:
0088D75B 00000001

Never Hungry:
0088D744 00000001

Infinite Codes (10)

Infinite Health:
(only way to die is to blow up INSIDE a car)
202A9B38 AC610580
202A9B30 3C01447A
202A9B3C 240303E8

Infinite Cash:
207096B4 05F5E0FF
207096B8 05F5E0FF

Infinite Hungry:
2026491C A6200170
203E2080 00000000
202D2DFC 00000000

Infinite Time:
20292C00 03E00008
20292C04 00000000

Infinite Time:
20293004 00000000

Infinite Fuel (RC Plane):
201FB268 00000000

Infinite Armor:
202A9858 3C0142C8
202A985C AC610588

Infinite Run/Swim:
00709748 00000001

Mission Time:
20292CAC 00000000

Infinite Nitrous:
00159bf0 00000000

Ammo Codes (5)

Infinite Ammo:
20134340 24420000

Extra Ammo:
20134340 24420001

Infinite Clip Ammo:
201343A4 24420000

Extra Clip Ammo:
201343A4 24420001

Infinite Ammo-All Weapons:
20134344 00000000
201343A8 00000000

Traffic Codes (7)

Frozen Traffic (Cars):
2014E6E0 00000000

Frozen Traffic (Motorcycles):
20329FF8 00000000

Frozen Traffic (Bicycles):
203DB960 00000000

No Traffic:
20665134 00000000

More Traffic:
20665134 42800000

No Pedestrians:
206650AC 00000000

More Pedestrians:
206650AC 42800000

Disabler Codes (11)

Disable Water for Cars:
201497B0 03E00008
201497B4 00000000

Disable Water for Pedestrians:
201942F0 03E00008
201942F4 00000000

Disable Water for Motorcycles/Bicycles:
20324A80 03E00008
20324A84 00000000

Disable Cop Road Blocks:
201C5B1C 00000000
201C5B38 00000000

Disable Cop AI:
This Code Doesn't disable Army AI
2027C118 00000000

Disable Car Damage:
20146610 03E00008
20146614 00000000

Disable Plane Damage (Crashing):
2031D250 03E00008
2031D254 00000000

Disable Motorcycle/Bicycle Damage (Crashing):
20324510 03E00008
20324514 00000000

Disable Hud:
202471E4 00000000

Disable Trains:
202434C4 00000000

Disable Police Helicopters:
202434CC 00000000

Invisible Codes (5)

Invisible Cars:
20154210 03E00008
20154214 00000000

Invisible Pedestrians:
2019B990 03E00008
2019B994 00000000

Invisible Boats:
2015F930 03E00008
2015F934 00000000

Invisible helicopters:
202FD400 03E00008
202FD404 00000000

Invisible Motorcycles/Bicycles:
2032B980 03E00008
2032B984 00000000

Gravity Codes (3)

Low Gravity:
1024E2E4 00003B00

Very Low Gravity:
1024E2E4 00003A00

Gravity Elevator:
L1 Increase (More Gravity)
R1 Decrease (Less Gravity)
Mush have CB7+

D0700942 0000FFFF
200F0000 00000000
D0700942 0000FBFF
200F0000 00000001
E0030001 000F0000
30400000 0024E2E4
00000001 00000000
200F0000 00000002
D0700942 0000F7FF
200F0000 00000001
E0030001 000F0000
30500000 0024E2E4
00000001 00000000
200F0000 00000002

Wanted Level Codes (10)

Max Wanted Level:
2027BED8 00000000

Never Wanted Level:
2027BEA0 03E00008
2027BEA4 00000000

Army Lockdown:
2027C54C 10000005
2027C550 24020001

FBI Lockdown:
2027C51C 10000005
2027C520 24020001

SWAT Lockdown:
2027C4EC 10000005
2027C4F0 24020001

Get 1 Star For 6 Stars:
2027C064 0809EFB8

Get 2 Stars For 6 Stars:
2027C01C 0809EFB8

Get 3 Stars For 6 Stars:
2027BFCC 0809EFB8

Get 4 Stars For 6 Stars:
2027BF7C 0809EFB8

Get 5 Stars For 6 Stars:
2027BF2C 0809EFB8

Weather/World Codes (33)

No Water:
2017f800 00000000

Street Landscape Enabler:
Select one or more of the following

00705F57 00000007
00705F63 00000007

40866280 00070012
00000000 00000000

Green Bushes:
40865C08 00090012
00000000 00000000

Desert Bushes:
40865590 00050012
00000000 00000000

40865278 00030012
00000000 00000000

Joshua Trees:
408653E0 00040012
00000000 00000000

Tall Grass:
40865740 00050012
00000000 00000000

40866478 00050012
00000000 00000000

40865f20 00070012
00000000 00000000

Seaweed and Starfish:
40866940 00020012
00000000 00000000

40866700 00050012
00000000 00000000

Huge Boulders:
408669d0 000B0012
00000000 00000000

Warning: These are one-way trips. You can only get out by killing yourself

Hidden Tattoo via LS Tattoo:
20C9C1E4 C107837B

Liberty City via Zip:
20C9D590 C4370000
20C9D594 43FC0000
20C9D598 44AB9000
10C9D5A2 00000001

Airport via Driving School:
20C9BDAC C19D4745
20C9BDB0 4484A4CC
10C9BDBA 0000000E

Sweet's House via Binco:
20C9D284 451DE75C
20C9D288 C4D1E2E1
20C9D28C 447DE000
10C9D296 00000401

Ryder's House via SubUrban:
20C9D20C 451A01C2
20C9D210 C4D4551E
20C9D214 447D60A3
10C9D21E 00000402

Wu Zi Mu's via Inside Track Betting:
20C9CCE4 C506EB85
20C9CCE8 4420526E
20C9CCEC 44838BD7
10C9CCF6 00000401

Modern Safe house via Didier Sachs:
20C9D5CC 451146B8
20C9D5D0 C48F7147
20C9D5D4 4483570A
10C9D5DE 0000040C

OG Loc's via Victim:
20C9D770 44011158
20C9D774 C184E52B
20C9D778 447A5D70
10C9D782 00000003

B Dup's Apartment via LV Tattoo:
20C9C3FC 44BEE75C
20C9C400 C1393126
20C9C404 447A9147
10C9C40E 00000003

B Dup's Crack Palace via LV Gym:
20C9CD5C 44BE7051
20C9CD60 C23F48E8
20C9CD64 447A9147
10C9CD6E 00000002

San Fierro Police Department via SF Gym:
20C9CD20 43766041
20C9CD24 42DA7DF3
20C9CD28 447AD1EB
10C9CD32 0000040A

Rusty Brown's Donuts via Burgershot:
20C9D374 43BC8CAC
20C9D378 C34070A3
20C9D37C 447A2937
10C9D386 00000011

Cafe via Pizza Stack:
20C9D3B0 43E23EB8
20C9D3B4 C1917006
20C9D3B8 447A4B85
10C9D3C2 00000001

Welcome Pump Truckstop Diner via Cluckin' Bell:
20C9D338 442A5E66
20C9D33C C3E19353
20C9D340 C1CCEF34
10C9D34A 00000401

Brothel 0 via LV Sex Shop:
20C9C384 443A22C0
20C9C388 44B3B570
20C9C38C 4489D7AE
10C9C396 00000106

Brothel 1 via Dance Club:
20C9D464 446B3B02
20C9D468 C1880E56
20C9D46C 447A4B85
10C9D476 00000103

Brothel 2 via Ten Green Bottles Bar or Mistys or Crow Bar:
20C9D554 447106D9
20C9D558 C254D26E
20C9D55C 447A4B85
10C9D566 00000103

Pleasure Domes via Camel's Toe Casino Hotel Suite:
20C9D9C8 C524D733
20C9D9CC 44AF9428
20C9D9D0 44629D4F
10C9D9DA 00000B03

Suicide Teleportation's:
Note: Choose where you want to spawn by pressing L3 + R1. Get busted or wasted to warp
0066bb7c 000000001
D0700942 0000F7FD
506feee0 0000000C
007c1634 00000000
507c1634 0000000C
007c1748 00000000

Time Codes (4)

Select+L1 for Midnight:
D0700942 0000FBFE
2066B7AC 00000000

Select+L2 for 6 AM:
D0700942 0000FEFE
2066B7AC 00000006

Select+R1 for Noon:
D0700942 0000F7FE
2066B7AC 0000000C

Select+R2 for 6 PM:
D0700942 0000FDFE
2066B7AC 00000012

Rank Codes (1)

King of San Andreas (Highest):
208022C0 0FFFFFFF
208022F4 00000001

Speed Codes (5)

Super Slow Motion:
2066BA28 3E800000

Slow Motion:
2066BA28 3F000000

Quicker Game:
2066BA28 3FC00000

Hyper Mode:
2066BA28 40000000

Crazy Speed:
2066BA28 40800000

Player Stats Codes (30)

Max Health:
208021C0 44B00000

Max Stamina:
208021B8 44700000

Muscle, Sex:
208021BC 44700000

Sex Appeal:
208021C4 44700000

20802474 05F5E0FF

Max Lung Capacity:
20802454 44700000

Max Total Respect:
20802260 44700000

Max Fat:
208021B4 44700000

Minimum Fat:
208021B4 3F800000

Max Flying:
2080244C 000003E8

Max Bike:
20802464 000003E8

Max Cycling:
20802468 000003E8

Max Gambling Skill:
208022A4 44700000

Max Driving Skill:
20802350 000003E8

Number Of Hospital Visits (0):
208022EC 00000000

Pilot Ranking (Ace):
20802374 44700000

Times Drowned:
20802378 05F5E0FF

Current Number of Girlfriends:
208023b0 05F5E0FF

Number of Disastrous Dates:
208023b4 05F5E0FF

Max number of Girls Dated:
208023b8 05F5E0FF

Number of Times Scored with A girl:
208023bc 05F5E0FF

Number Of Successful Dates:
208023c0 05F5E0FF

Number of Girls Dumped:
208023c4 05F5E0FF

Number of Prostitutes Visited:
208023c8 05F5E0FF

Numbers Of Meals Eaten:
208023f0 05F5E0FF

Max Cycle Swim Sprint Stamina:
need to Lvl it 1 time for max
20802630 447A0000
20802634 447A0000
20802638 447A0000
2080263C 447A0000

Max Driving Flying Cycle Motorbike Boat:
need to Lvl it 1 time for max
20802640 447A0000
20802644 447A0000
20802648 447A0000
2080264C 447A0000
20802650 447A0000

need to Lvl it 1 time for max
20802654 447A0000
20802658 447A0000
2080265C 447A0000

Faster Skill Gain:
Note this will give u PSkill Points Every 0.5 secs Use with Above codes to max out Stat in 0.5 secs of use.
408026B4 00090001
3F000000 00000000
208026e0 3F000000
208026e4 3F000000

Stats Don't Decrease:
2080268c 00000000
20802690 00000000
20802694 00000000
208026D8 47C34F80
208026DC 47C34F80

Weapon Stats Codes

Pistol Skill:
20802274 44FA0000

Silenced Pistol:
20802278 44FA0000

Desert Eagle Skill:
2080227C 44FA0000

Shotgun Skill:
20802280 44FA0000

Sawn-Off Shotgun Skill:
20802284 44FA0000

Combat Shotgun Skill:
20802288 44FA0000

Machine Pistol Skill:
2080228C 44FA0000

SMG Skill:
20802290 44FA0000

AK47 Skill:
20802294 44FA0000

M4 Skill:
20802298 44FA0000

Rifle Skill:
2080229C 44FA0000

Max Bullets Fired:
208022C8 05F5E0FF

Minimum Bullets Fired:
208022C8 00000000

Max KGs of Explosives Used:
208022CC 05F5E0FF

Minimum KGs of Explosives Used:
208022CC 00000000

Max Bullets That Hit:
208022D0 05F5E0FF

20802660 447A0000

20802664 447A0000

20802668 447A0000

2080266C 447A0000

20802670 447A0000

20802674 447A0000

20802678 447A0000

2080267C 447A0000

20802680 447A0000

20802684 447A0000

20802688 447A0000

Fast Weapons Skills Gain:
Note: This makes u Gain Skill points every 0.5 secs All weapons
408026e8 000D0001
3F000000 00000000

Crime Stats Codes (30)

Max Number of Wanted Stars Attained:
208022DC 05F5E0FF

Max Number of Wanted Stars Evaded:
208022E0 05F5E0FF

Max Times Busted:
208022E4 05F5E0FF

Max People Wasted By Others:
208022B0 05F5E0FF

Max People You've Wasted:
208022B4 05F5E0FF

Max Road Vehicles Destroyed:
208022B8 05F5E0FF

Max Boats Destroyed:
208022BC 05F5E0FF

Max Planes & Helicopters Destroyed:
208022C0 05F5E0FF

Max Cost of Property Damaged:
208022C4 05F5E0FF

Max Tires Popped With Gunfire:
208022D4 05F5E0FF

Max Number of Headshots:
208022D8 05F5E0FF

Max Assassinations:
2080233c 05F5E0FF

Max Kills Since Last Checkpoint:
20802390 05F5E0FF

Max Crimes Total Legitimate Kills:
20802394 05F5E0FF

Max Number of Police Bribes:
208023a8 05F5E0FF

Max Number of Cars Stolen:
208023ac 05F5E0FF

Max Number of Houses Burgled:
208023cc 05F5E0FF

Max Number of safes cracked:
208023d0 05F5E0FF

Max Number of Stolen Items Sold:
208023d8 05F5E0FF

Minimum Number of Wanted Stars Attained:
208022DC 00000000

Minimum Number of Wanted Stars Evaded:
208022E0 00000000

Minimum Times Busted:
208022E4 00000000

Minimum People Wasted By Others:
208022B0 00000000

Minimum People You've Wasted:
208022B4 00000000

Minimum Road Vehicles Destroyed:
208022B8 00000000

Minimum Boats Destroyed:
208022BC 00000000

Minimum Planes & Helicopters Destroyed:
208022C0 00000000

Minimum Cost of Property Damaged:
208022C4 00000000

Minimum Tires Popped With Gunfire:
208022D4 00000000

Minimum Number of Headshots:
208022D8 00000000

Gang Stats Codes (16)

Max Territories Held:
20802480 05F5E0FF

Max Highest Number of Territories Held:
20802484 05F5E0FF

Max Territories Taken Over:
20802478 05F5E0FF

Max Territories Lost:
2080247C 05F5E0FF

Max Gang Members Recruited:
20802488 05F5E0FF

Max Enemy Gang Members Killed:
2080248C 05F5E0FF

Max Friendly Gang Members Killed:
20802490 05F5E0FF

Max Recruited Gang Members Killed:
0080235c 05F5E0FF

Min Territories Held:
20802480 00000000

Min Highest Number of Territories Held:
20802484 00000000

Min Territories Taken Over:
20802478 00000000

Min Territories Lost:
2080247C 00000000

Min Gang Members Recruited:
20802488 00000000

Min Enemy Gang Members Killed:
2080248C 00000000

Min Friendly Gang Members Killed:
20802490 00000000

Min Recruited Gang Members Killed:
0080235c 00000000

Achievement Stats Codes (41)

All Tags Sprayed (Gives u Weapons):
2066C540 00000064

All Oysters Collected:
2080249C 00000032

All Photos Taken:
2080246C 00000032

All Horseshoes Collected:
20802494 00000032

Max Denise:
208024C2 00000064

Max Michelle:
208024C6 00000064

Max Helena:
208024CA 00000064

Max Barbara:
208024CE 00000064

Max Natie:
208024D2 00000064

Max Millie:
208024D6 00000064

Min Denise:
208024C2 00000000

Min Michelle:
208024C6 00000000

Min Helena:
208024CA 00000000

Min Barbara:
208024CE 00000000

Min Natie:
208024D2 00000000

Min Millie:
208024D6 00000000

Number of vehicles imported:
20802428 05F5E0FF

Highest Basketball Score:
2080242C 05F5E0FF

Fires Stated:
208024D6 05F5E0FF

20802430 05F5E0FF

Distance Traveled By bicycle:
208021cc 05F5E0FF

Distance Traveled on Treadmill:
208021d0 05F5E0FF

Longest Treadmill Time:
20802210 05F5E0FF

Longest exercise bike time:
20802214 05F5E0FF

Heaviest weight on bench:
20802218 05F5E0FF

Heaviest weight on dumbbells:
2080221c 05F5E0FF

Longest Chase Time with 5 Stars:
2080222c 44700000

Last Chase Time With 5 Stars:
20802230 44700000

Maximum Insane Jump Distance:
208022FC 44700000

Maximum Insane Jump Height:
20802300 44700000

Maximum Insane Jump Flips (180):
20802304 000000B4

Maximum Insane Jump Rotation(180):
20802308 000000B4

All Unique Jumps Found:
20802310 00000046

All Unique Jumps Done:
20802314 00000046

Max Last Dance Score:
20802340 05F5E0FF

Time on Jetpack:
20802384 44700000

Highest Civilian Peds Killed on Rampage:
20802404 05F5E0FF

Highest Police Peds Killed On Rampage:
20802408 05F5E0FF

Highest Civilian Vehicles Destroyed on Rampage:
2080240c 05F5E0FF

Highest police Vehicles Destroyed On Rampage:
20802410 05F5E0FF

Highest number of Tanks Destroyed on Rampage:
20802414 05F5E0FF

Mission Stats Codes (65)

Taxi Mission Max Fares:
20802328 3B9AC9FF
206BA004 3B9AC9FF

Taxi Missions In Any Vehicle:
203BBB94 10000004
204F4AD4 10000004

Taxi Boost + Nitro On All Cars [After 50 Fares]:
2014AB44 00000000
2014AB4C 00000000

Vigilante Missions In Any Vehicle:
Note: Vehicles With Other R3 Missions
2016C614 1000001C

Best time in 8 Track:
00802220 00000000

BMX best time:
00802224 00000000

Best Position In 8- Track:
00802380 00000000

Most Cars Parked on Valet Parking:
0080238C 00000000

Total Time in bloodring:
0080239C 00000000

Time Taken To Complete Quarry:
208023F8 00000000

Best Lap Time In 8-Track:
00802420 00000000

Number of Vehicles exported (All):
00802424 0000001E

Best lap time in Dirt Track:
0080243C 00000000

Best time in dirt track:
00802440 00000000

Best pos in dirt tack:
00802444 00000001

Nrg 500 Best time:
00802448 00000000

2 player rampage best time:
008024A8 00000000

2 player car rampage best time:
008024AC 00000000

2 player on foot rampage best time:
008024B0 00000000

2 player chopper rampage best time:
008024B4 00000000

2 Player Bike Rampage Best time:
008024B8 00000000

Best Position In low-rider Race:
008024D8 00000001

Best time in low Rider Race:
008024Dc 00000000

Best Position In little Loop:
008024E0 00000001

Best time in Little Loop:
008024E4 00000000

Best Position In BackRoad Wanderer:
008024E8 00000001

Best time In BackRoad Wanderer:
008024EC 00000000

Best position in City Circuit:
008024F0 00000001

Best time in City Circuit:
008024F4 00000000

Best Posistion in Vine Wood:
008024F8 00000001

Best time in VineWood:
008024FC 00000000

Best Position In FreeWay:
00802500 00000001

Bets Time In Freeway:
00802504 00000000

Best Position In Into The Country:
00802508 00000001

Best time in Into The Country:
0080250C 00000000

Best Position in Badlands A:
00802510 00000001

Best Time In Badlands A:
00802514 00000000

Best Position In Badlands B:
00802518 00000001

Best time In Badlands B:
0080251C 00000000

Best Position in Dirt Bike Danger:
00802520 00000001

Best Time In Dirt Bike Danger:
00802524 00000000

Best Position In Bandito County:
00802528 00000001

Best Time In Bandito County:
0080252C 00000000

Best Position in Go-go-Karts:
00802530 00000001

Best Time In Go-Go-Karts:
00802534 00000000

Best Position In San Fierro Fast Lane:
00802538 00000001

Best time In San Fietto Fast Lane:
0080253C 00000000

Best Position In San Fierro Hills:
00802540 00000001

Best time In San Fierro Hills:
00802544 00000000

Best Position In Country Endurance:
00802548 00000001

Best Time In Country Endurance:
0080254C 00000000

Best Position In SF to LV:
00802550 00000001

Best Time In SF To Lv:
00802554 00000000

Best Position In Dam Rider:
00802558 00000001

Best Time In Dam Rider:
0080255C 00000000

Best Position in Desert Tricks:
00802560 00000001

Best Time in Desert Tricks:
00802564 00000000

Best Position In LV Ring road:
00802568 00000001

Best time In LV Ring road:
0080256C 00000000

Best time in World War Aces:
00802570 00000000

Best time in Barnstorming:
00802574 00000000

Best Time In Military Services:
00802578 00000000

Best Time In Chopper Checkpoint:
0080257C 00000000

Best time in Whirly Bird Way point:
00802580 00000000

Best time in Helli Hell:
00802584 00000000

Misc. Stats Codes (9)

Safe House Visites (0):
208022F0 00000000

Days Passed in Game (0):
208022E8 00000000

Times Cheated (0):
208022f4 00000000

Times Cheated (Crack Head Rank):
208022F4 44700000

Vehicle Resprays (0):
208022F8 00000000

Max Number of Eight Balls In Pool:
208023dc 05F5E0FF

Max Total Number of Wins playing pool:
208023e0 05F5E0FF

Total Number of Losses Playing pool (none):
208023e4 00000000

Max Times Visited the Gym:
208023e8 05F5E0FF

The Scraps (7)

Mass Suspension (Get in the car and front wheels fold up):
2014231C 00000000

Wacko Camera:
006FE55C 00000001

Camera Widescreen (Cinema mode) (Start and Select don't work):
006FE56D 00000001

Squished Camera Mode:
006FF98F 00000001

SD World:
Note: You will have to see this for yourself
2010EFC0 3C034080

Just Bounce (touch a car and it will bounce):
200C0240 C4C10038
200C0244 3C013F00
200C0248 44810000
200C024C 46010040
200C0250 E4C10038
200C0254 8E8305CC
200C0258 03E00008
200C025C 2463FFFD
201C7894 0C030090

Cars go flying (see a car and it will go flying):
200C0240 0080802D
200C0244 8E030014
200C0248 10600006
200C024C 00000000
200C0250 C4610038
200C0254 3C013F80
200C0258 44810000
200C025C 46010040
200C0260 E4610038
200C0264 03E00008
200C0268 00000000
201B6C40 0C030090
2014E6E0 00000000

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