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Title: Al Fajer Al Jadeed
Description: News from libya

Libya [Berlicum] - October 28, 2008 03:43 PM (GMT)
al Fajer al Jadeed is the leading news agency in Libya.

Libya [Berlicum] - October 29, 2008 10:49 PM (GMT)
Libya starts building its first "new" solar plant

The Libyan goverment has decided to build massive solar power plants in the Sahara dessert. There will be around 100km2 of solarcells. This will provide Libya with a reliable power source.

There will be multiple plants located in the Sahara dessert.
The construction of the first plant shall start the second quarter of 2009. All of them will be ready in 4 years.

Libya [Berlicum] - October 29, 2008 11:09 PM (GMT)
Armed forces are planning military exercise

The Libyan Armed forces will organise an exercise in the last quarter of this year. All military branches will attend this exercise, also including is a full mobilisation training.

Official statement, Chinese sea incident

Mr. Gaddafi, head of state;

"The Libyan people asks both sides to work together instead of against each other. Let us all solve this conflicts with word rather then weapons. It's no use to blame one side for this tragic accident. on behalf of the Libyan people I declare my condolence to the fallen ones and my they rest in peace."

Libya [Berlicum] - October 30, 2008 06:22 PM (GMT)
official statement, terrorist attacks Sweden

Mr. Gaddafi, head of state,

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press, on behalf of the Libyan goverment I declare our condolence to the fallen ones of the terrorist attacks in Sweden earlier today. This cowardly attack on innocent people was the work of unbelievers who call themselve Moslem. Islam is a belief of love and brotherhood, not of violence and dead. We hope that the world can distinguish between the Moslems and the rotten apples who did this in name of Allah.

The state Libya condemned this attack to the highest degree."

Libyan Railways

The Libyan and Italian goverments have agreed on a proposal to build the first railroads in 25 year. The project supervised and controlled by an Italian delegation, and worked out by Libyans will take around 3 years to complete.

Libya [Berlicum] - October 30, 2008 11:34 PM (GMT)
official statement, Libyan goverment

Mr. Gaddafi, head of state,

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press, on behalf of the Libyan goverment I declare our condolence to the fallen ones of the terrorist attacks in Canada.
Due to sudden increase in global terrorism, we have decided to put the armed forces on higher alert until this uncomfortable situation has eased off.
All active soldiers are mobilized and the reserve troops must be on call."

Libya [Berlicum] - November 1, 2008 11:04 PM (GMT)
Son to dad talks

Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, the son of our great leader, Moammar al-Qadhafi has returned from Europe to talk about the future politics of Libya, as the current leader is nearing the end of his political career his son is likely to take over the leadership.

Saif, who studies in Europe is known for his more liberal politics and pro-western stance.

"I came here today to speak with my dad and talk about the future of our great nation, Libya. It is time to add a new chapter to our history, Until recently Libya was known as a not free country which was closed for foreigners. But from this day on we will open the up country and make our fellow Libyan free to say and write what they want. We will be on the front line of the new Africa." Saif said after.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 2, 2008 12:10 AM (GMT)
the oil-dollars become oil-euro's

Tonight Mr. Gaddafi and the minister of energy have decided to sell the Libya oil in Euro's rather then dollars.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press welcome,

We thank you for showing up so late in the night, but we have an important announcement to make. The Libyan oil company and the state of Libya have decided to sell the oil and gas in Euro's rather then Dollars, because of the weak stance of the dollar currently. The Libyan ministery of Energy believes we don't have to ask a lower price then we would deserve for our oil and gas." Minister of Energy.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 2, 2008 10:54 AM (GMT)
Gaddafi leaves his office

Muammar al-Gaddafi has resigned as head of state, his son Saif al-Gaddafi will be the next leader and guide of the revolution. The transfer of power will be in the third quarter of this year.

"Fellow Libyans, There is a time of arriving, but also a time of departing, the last has come today for me. I will leave the country in the save hands of my son. I strongly believe that he will lead all Libyans to a prosperity we have never enjoyed before. I wish you Libyan and my son Saif, good luck and may Allah be with you."
Muammar al-Gaddafi said.

"Thank you dad, for all those years of good leadership, I will finish what you have started, the way to prosperity. Not everybody knows me and my point of view on the world. I have a dream, I want to modernize Libya. Our great leader and guide has started some giantic projects to create jobs for the unlucky ones who didn't have a job. I will continu to create jobs for the ones without."

"Some elements in the western world belive the Islam is a believe of violence and death, we have to prove them wrong. We have to start by ourselves, As stated by Allah, we have to accept the people of the book (Jews, Muslims and Christians) as equals. The goverment of Libya will condemn any war in the name of Allah, 1 pen does more harm then 100 bombs. May Allah be with us all".
Saif al-Gaddafi said

Libya [Berlicum] - November 4, 2008 08:52 PM (GMT)
Libya turning liberal

Saif al-Gaddafi, who is in Europe currently for his EU tour has made a list of important point which he believes would turn Libya into the first real "liberal Muslim state".

-All people are equal to eachother, doesn't matter what race, believe, gender.

-All Libyans have the right of education, have basic health-care, a reasonable income and security.

-fight corruption.

-freedom of speech and press.

Also Moammar al-gaddafi has arranged a meeting with all the religious leaders in Libya to talk about the Islam in the 21th century.

"Both I and my son believe we can't litteraly implement the laws written down in the Koran, They are simply to old to use. We don't kill people, because they are different to us. I hope that I and all the leaders of faith in Libya have a good discussion about it, and we will change Libya." He said.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 5, 2008 01:59 PM (GMT)
Protests against the quick liberalisation

In Tripoli, people went on to the streets to protest against the quick a drastic changes of the current goverment.

user posted image
suburb of Tripoli

When the mob moved towards "the people palace"where Mr. Gaddafi was discussing with the religious leaders the riot police intervened quickly.

user posted image
riot police

although the riot police force did everything what they possibly could do, a part of people succeeded in entering " the green zone", whereupon a present army unit had intervene and forced them out of "the green zone".

More army units and reserves arrived in Tripoli during the afternoon to tackle the riot mob. They succeeded in their task.

Shortly after the Imam of Tripoli made a statement;

"Fellow Muslims, our leaders don't want to destroy the Islam, they strive only for an improvement, as a result of which Libya can carry on growing towards the world. I remind you that Islam is a belief of love and not of violence. I as a Imam of Tripoli will look after personally, with all other religious leaders of Libya that the government will not destroy the Islam and his believers. Fellow Libyans we all ask you to back this move of the goverment, as we all agree on it. This will not harm the Islam."

Libya [Berlicum] - November 6, 2008 03:51 PM (GMT)
Tripoli riot report

In the riots in Tripoli last week, 55 people got injured and at least 6 killed.

The police and armed forces had tackled the rioting mob by succes, before they could do serious damage to the building in "the green zone".

"The police of Tripoli did a good job, sadly some people did entered "the green zone", but an army unit quickly responsed and took care of these invaders. After all we did a good thing." a man of the Tripoli police said.

No official goverment statements about the riot have been made until now.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 8, 2008 12:44 PM (GMT)
Libya gets his own DEFCON system

The Libyan military has decided to basicly copy the US DEFCON system, to use it for its own troop readiness.

normal peacetime readiness.

normal peacetime, but with increased security measures.

increased force readiness. Maritime and airstrikes allowed.(reserve troops have to be ready for mobilisation.)

further increase in troop readiness, but below maximum, (reserve troops fully mobilised).

maximum readiness. used for imminent or ongoing attack on Libya.

Libya asks for armistice in Western Sahara

"Libya condemns every attack by the Polisario militia on Moroccan targets. Until now we supported the Polisario militia in their effort for independance, but the only way independance can be obstained is the way of peace and diplomacy. We demad the Polisario militia to stop the attacks on Morocco, or we withdraw our support for your independance. We can't support any movement who attacks our ally Morocco." Moummar al-Gaddafi said.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 9, 2008 12:10 PM (GMT)
Liberal Libya

"Finally we agreed on the subject of the liberalisation of the Libyan Islam.
The Muslim countries were the most developed countries around the 6th and 7th century, The muslims were the experts on science, education, we were way ahead of Europe. Today Europe is ahead, but why? During the middle ages, the religious regulations has stopped science. Today our leader Mr. Gaddafi wants to give the people freedom, so we can catch up with Europe again.

Also we have agreed on a new view on the Islam. Allah is a clock maker, and the earth is the clock, the clock can run without any help of the clock maker, he will just sit and watch, this means we are free in how to live our lives. When the clock is broken, then the clock maker returns to repair it."
The Imam of Tripoli said.

Imams arrested
During the speech held at "the peoples palace" all over the country 20 Imams were arrested by the police. They are charged for the planning of a coup, and instal a radical islamic goverment.

Small riot in the southern part of Libya

In Al Jawf a protestmarch turned into a riot, when they arrived at the university. The riot police intervene before they could enter the university. a total of 20 people is arested.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 10, 2008 09:42 PM (GMT)
Libyan army fights off insurgents

Insurgents captured a town on the southern border with Chad. Directly after an alarm call, Libyan armed forces moved into the town, and they easily eliminated the insurgents, some of them managed to escape to the Aozou strip in Chad.
user posted image
FIat 6614 of the Libyan Army

Mil-24 Hinds from the Libyan Air Force pursued them into Chadian territory and eliminated the rebel convoy. Later this day the Libyan Air Force had several airstrikes on villages in the Aozou strip where rebels were supposed to hide.
Also some villages closer to the border were harassed by rocket artillery.
user posted image
BM-21's firing

12 civilians, 73 insurgents and 5 Libyan soldiers died.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 11, 2008 02:50 PM (GMT)
fighting in the Aozou strip goes on

After the attacks last week the Libyan armed forces decided to give the rebels a blow from which they wont recover.

At 05:00 am, Libyan forces crossed the border into the Aozou strip, they easily gained ground, because of the lack of resistance. All captured villages were searched for insurgents.

around 07:00 am, Libyan forces encountered the first resistance, but they coped with the light armed rebels.

user posted image
A village burning in the Aozou strip.

about 90 minutes later the forces found what they were looking for, a rebel stronghold, Attack jets were guided onto the target, which they easily eliminated.
user posted image
Libyan IFV, and the air strike on the stronghold.

23 civilians, around 200 insurgents and 12 Libyan soldiers died today.

Around 1:00 pm the Libyan troops were withdrawn into Libyan teritory.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 12, 2008 01:31 PM (GMT)
Libyan test firing

Earlier this day, the Libyan armed forces have conducted a small exercise, including the firing of a surface to surface missile with a FROG 7 rocket system.
The rocket landed just 12 miles of the border with Chad, The exercise also icluded several armoured units and air assets.
user posted image
FROG 7 launch

Lover corporate taxes

Today the Libyan goverment has decided to drop the taxes for foreign investors with 8%. If the workforce consists of at least 60% Libyans they get an extra 3% decrease in taxrate.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 15, 2008 01:33 PM (GMT)
first solar farm in use

The first solar farm in the large solarpower project currently under construction is finished and ready for use. The guide of the revolution Mr. Gaddafi himself started the 'production' of solarpower, by pressing the button in the controlroom.

"This is a glorious day in the history of Libya, this project and the first ready solar farm has shown what we, Libyans are capable of. This structure was build by Libyans all over the country, all were different, exept for the one thing, they were building this project. Some of them were what they call 'liberal' and other weren't, I think this project has shown that liberals and more conservative, Muslims, Christians but also Jews, can work together, live together and bring the project to a good end. I hope this build can be a sample to us all. When all Libyans forget their differences in believe, race, gender and income, we can work togther to bring Libya towards prosperity." Mr. Gaddafi said.
user posted image
The solar farm.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 16, 2008 01:20 PM (GMT)
Saif al-islam Gaddafi the new guide

Today, just after arrival from his Eurotrip Saif al-Gaddafi was appointed as new guide of the revolution and president of Libya. He is known for his liberal view on the world and the Islam.

"Fellow Libyan, I am honoured to be allowed to serve you all, my father has started our journey to the 21th century Libya, It will be a Libya of real freedom an co-operation. The world is currently experiencing a hard period of economical problems, but also problems between nations. It is possible these problems will hurt our economy to, but I and the Libyan goverment will take care of its people, we will make sure every Libyan will have food and shelter, Education, Healthcare and a reasonable income where he/she can live with. With the aid of Allah we will survive these hard times, and even be stronger after, as long as we work together, and we can. Our first solar farm has shown what we are capable of, as long as we work together as equals, Jews Christians and Muslims worked together as one whole, I hope we all will be working together as one to create the new Libya." Saif said in his speech.

user posted image
Saif al Gaddafi

Army enlargement program

The army started the training of new light divisions.

"The Libyan armed forces will use their equipment currently in use to equip the new divisions, when the new equipment from Russia will arrive. In this unstable world and even a growing threat in our own area the Libyan forces must be able to cope with this threat and defend our homeland." A general said.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 18, 2008 09:38 PM (GMT)
Libya welcomes Horizon class

Today the first of two Horizon class frigates arrived in Tripoli. The Horizon class frigates are among the most advanced frigates in the Mediterranean area. Both frigates were provided by the Italian navy, they scrapped the frigates before they were finished in the docks.

"This day is a honourable day in Libyan naval history." An officer of the navy said.

user posted image
Horizon class

Libya [Berlicum] - November 20, 2008 02:43 PM (GMT)
first refromed division ready for service

Today the first new division of the Libyan army is ready for service after months of training and reforming. It will be the first of 5 divisions of 9,000 troops each, an air assault division of 5,000 troops is currently being formed to. The division will be quartered in Tripoli.
The new brigade held a military parade to celebrate their activation.
The second and last Horizon frigate also arrived from Italy today

user posted image
a Libyan T-72

user posted image
a Libyan DANA self-propelled artillery.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi held his second presidential speech;

"Fellow Libyans, the first division of the reformed Libyan army is ready for the protection of our homeland, on behalf of the goverment I wish those brave soldiers luck and courage. In the next year and a half, 4 other heavy divisions will follow alongside 1 air assault brigade and 6 light divisions. This reactivation is the first step in the modernisation of our armed forces. Libya will be prepared to any threat against Libya and her allies. May Allah support these brave troops."

Servant of Al Kufrah convicted.
The govermental servant of the municipalities Al Kufrah is convicted for corruption and his soft approach on the rebels entering Libya from the Aozou Strip. He decreased the rate of borderpatrols to save money, thanks to this the rebels had the change to enter Libya and capture a border town for 3 hours. He is convicted to 12 years in prison.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 20, 2008 10:25 PM (GMT)
Airstrikes in the Aouzou Strip cuntinue

The last week the Libyan air force continued there air strikes on possible rebel hide-outs in the Aouzou strip. Today the regional commander released a statement which said The Libyan Air force had bombed an other main insurgent stronghold.Casualties in other villages and smaller strongholds, are guessed to at least 250 dead.

user posted image
A Libyan Mig 21 departing from base

Libya [Berlicum] - November 23, 2008 11:54 AM (GMT)
Libyan goverment appoints 2 new governors

The recent arrest of the governor of Al Kufrah, has resulted in the appointment of an ex-general as new governor. He is known for his leadership during the Libya-Chad war and his hard approach during this conflict. The municipality of Murzuq, which also has frontiers with the Aozou Strip has an other ex-general as new governor.

Fighting in the Aozou Strip

Yesterday the last assault on the Aozou Strip has been carried out by the Libyan Armed Forces. Before the main assault was started artillery has pounded villages in the border region, Also the city of Aozou came under fire for the first time by SCUD rokects.

user posted image
Libyan SCUD launcher

Shortly after tank rolled into the Aozou Strip supported by large infantry formations, they did a quick sweep of the area looking for any insurgents left. The armed formation met very little resistance, because this was already broken due to the continuous air strikes in the last 4 months.

Around 9 am, the City of Aozou came under direct fire when Air Assault troops landed. The Libyan troops met fiercely resistance, but they succeeded in their task, the task to destroy the fuel storage tanks in the city.

user posted image
Libyan Air Assault troops

Around 2 pm, all Libyan troops were withdrawn into Libyan territory.

"Today we have given these rebels the final blow, the blow from which they wont recover, We can say this operation was a succes." An officer said.

A total of 500 people died.

21 Libyan soldiers died and 34 returned wounded.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 24, 2008 07:23 PM (GMT)
German insult

The Libyan goverment is shocked by the remarks of the German NATO delegate made earlier today.

From a purely logical standpoint, the entire African continent is irrelevant -- vast swaths of territory with comparatively few resources that could be obtained.

The Libyan government demands excuses of the German government for these grove insults, the German ambassador is asked to return to Germany, because currently there is no business for him in a second rank nation where no resources can be obtained.

"We are shocked by the fact the German goverment sees the African continent as a second rank continent, and its inhabitants, therefore all Africans second rank citizens, we hope the world will condemn these words and that the German goverment makes her excuses for this outrageous insult of an entire continent. I call upon all other African nations to do the same."
Saif al Gaddafi said in a statement.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 25, 2008 02:07 PM (GMT)
Second division ready

Today the second division is ready for its role in the defence forces of Libya, it is newly equiped and trained.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 26, 2008 01:56 PM (GMT)
Libya applauds US move

"We are very happy with the American statement about the german NATO insults. Finally one of the leading "civilized" nations in the world stands up for the African continent, and we hope many more will follow. The Libyan goverment here by invites Mr. Kurt Volker and president Mc Cain for a visit to our country.

Nevertheless we are disappointed by the fact the german goverment doesn't condemn her NATO delegate which speaks for the german goverment and the germans themself.

their states have become and lead their continent by example. Until that happens, the position of the Bundestag is simple and clear. We will not waste our time and effort by dealing with ingrates.

Even more concerning is their statement made today, in which they declare they are going to stop their aid to Africa.
As stated above, they want us to perform better, but with less resources, although to perform we need that resources. We hope they realise that." Saif Gaddafi said.

Libyan Army goes airborne

Today the first Air Assault division went into service, after months of training the 5,000 troops strong unit is completely ready for full service. Some infantry units already had their battle experience during the Aozou Strip insurgents operation. 1 Infantry battalion will be used as presidential guard. A rotation system will be used between the 3 1,200 troops strong battallions.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 28, 2008 05:09 PM (GMT)
295 million Euro arms deal with France

This weekend the Libyan ministery of Defence has signed a contract with their french counterparts, this contract includes 5 C-130 Hercules transport airplanes and 11 NH-90 NFH naval helicopters.

"The contract signed last weekend is a sign of trust, faith and friendship, we are very happy to work together with the French and Italians, but we want to work on our relationship with other European nations. Libya is going the right way, we still have a lot of problems to solve, but we are certain that we will solve those problems."

Joined military exercise with Egypt

The province of Surt will be the theater of a large military exercise during the end of October and the beginning of November. Together with the Egyptian armed forces our Libyan armed forces will practice several different scenarios.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 29, 2008 05:21 PM (GMT)
TaskForce Somalia

In the third quarter of this year 750 Libyan soldiers will be deployed to Somalia for two years. Together with soldiers from several other African nations they will work on stability in Somalia. Other units are on standby for rapid deployment when the Somalian conflict escalates.

The first TaskForce Somalia starts its mission preparation training next week.

Libya [Berlicum] - November 30, 2008 03:29 PM (GMT)
Big arms deal with France

The Libyan and French ministeries of Defence have agree on a second arms deal following the deal closed last months. This deal is much larger and includes;

4 Frigates; 2 Tourville class frigates and 2 Georges Leygues-class frigates.

100 Mirage 2000 jet fighters; 62 Mirage 2000C and 38 Mirage 2000D

10 C-160 transall transport aircraft

3 Leclerc tanks for testing.

Relationship with France and the rest of the western world

"This second arms deal shows the nations of France and Libya have a warm relationship, It is a sign of mutual trust and it will even improves our relationship further." Saif al Gaddafi said.

Foreign investments in Libya

The Libyan goverment has reached an agreement with a yet unknown French company to set up a production plant and office in Libya.

"All over the world Libyan abassadors are discussing with companies to invest in Libya, we hope this first big company will be followed by others." Ali Abd-al-Aziz al-Isawi (Economy, Trade & Investment) said

Libya [Berlicum] - December 4, 2008 09:07 PM (GMT)
Army activations

Today the third heavy division and the first and second light divisions are put in active service, the troops are trained well enough to meet the new Libyan armed forces readiness standard.

Libya [Berlicum] - December 6, 2008 11:28 AM (GMT)
First NH-90 NFH

Today the first NH-90 NFH of the Libyan Navy was presented to the public, this helicopter is the first of the total 11 bought. These very capable helicopters will replace the aging fleet of Mil-14 Hazes.

user posted image
The first NH-90 NFH

Libya [Berlicum] - December 8, 2008 03:46 PM (GMT)
Libyan statement about Sudan crisis

"My fellow Libyans, the Libyan goverment supports the ICC in their case against Sudan president, we have seen all evidents and the charges against this man are valid. We hope this crisis can be solved peacefully. We will condemn any violent used. We will not allow any foreign military unit on Libyan territory and airspace without our approval, if our sovereignty is violated the ones responsable will pay." Saif al Gaddafi said.

Libya goes to DEFCON 3

Due to the current Sudan crisis the Libyan armed forces have gone to DEFCON 3, all reserve soldiers have to be ready for activation within 24 hours.

military units to the south

The first heavy division and the second light division are directed to the south to be able to respond quickly to any agression. The reserve units in the province of Al Kufrah are activated to. A total of 17,000 troops is mobilized.

Libya [Berlicum] - December 11, 2008 09:13 PM (GMT)
Libyan investment summit

The Libyan investment summit kicks off in Benghazi today, companies from all over the world are attending this meeting to discuss investments into Libya as we are opening our markets to foreign companies. The Libyan goverment wants to cut its dependance on oil income and of course we want to be accepted as a normal country by the world community.

Army units ready for deployment

Today the fourth heavy division of 9,000 troops and the smaller third and fourth light division of 4,225 troops completed their training and re-equipment, they will replace the reserve units who took over the positions of the troops moved to the south to cope with the Sudanese threat

Airforce to maximum readiness
Today the supreme commander of the airforce has ordered all airforce units to maximum readiness as the Sudanese airforce is likely to hit targets in Libya if the world community enters Sudanese territory to arrest the Sudanese president. On all airbases, jet interceptors are standing on the runway ready to depart and intercept any threat within minutes.

"As the tone of the Sudanese president are getting more and more agressive and he is blaiming Libyan and Chad for co-operating with the west, it seems likely to me that if the world community is trying to areest this criminal by force he would try to retaliate this on Chad and Libya. Therefor I have ordered the airforce and air defense forces to maximum readiness." He said.

Libya [Berlicum] - December 12, 2008 05:02 PM (GMT)
Taskforce Somalia

Today the taskforce Somalia consisting of 750 man and 70 APCs, some trucks and jeeps. The units will be flown to Addis Ababa, and from there on they will drive in convoy towards the Somalian capital. The taskforce will be deployed until September 2012.

Libya [Berlicum] - December 16, 2008 02:37 PM (GMT)
Libyan armed forces

The last heavy division and two light divisions are ready to put into service. These three divisions were the last three to end their training. The Libyan armed forces now have 151,000 troops (Army including reserve, Navy and Air Force).

Also lots of new bought equipment is put into service.

The 100 Mirage 2000 jet fighters were introduced during the huge military parade, along side the 67 Russian jet fighters. Together these replaced the older Mig 23s and SU 22s.

The last of ten C-160 Transalls arrived in Tripoli together with the last NH-90.

The French Frigates arrive during the last week, but the naval asset with the most attention arrived earlier today, the first 636 class submarine.

user posted image
636 Class Submarine.

OOC: Russian fighters were a 2007 deal.

Libya [Berlicum] - December 16, 2008 10:42 PM (GMT)
Donation to the Afghan National Army

The Libyan airforce is willing to donate up to 40 Su-22UM3K jet fighters to the Afghan Air Force.

user posted image

Libya [Berlicum] - December 20, 2008 10:32 PM (GMT)
Alcohol legal?

The next week the council of Surt a coastal city agreed on an alcoholtrial. For one week alcoholconsuption is legalized. Religious group already announced they are against this trial.

"We started this trial to see if the trial would improve tourism and of course as Libya gives its people more and more freedom this has to include freedom of consumption. And this will certainly attract British and German tourists." The mayor of Surt said. The mayor of Surt is known as one of the most liberal people in Libya.

Libya extends humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip

A Libyan ship, carrying humanitarian supplies is set to sail towards Gaza Strip today, a Palestinian activist has confirmed.

Jamal al-Khodary, chief of Popular Committee against Gaza Siege, confirmed today that the ship which started its voyage from the port city of Az Zawiyah on the Mediterranean will be delivering about 3,000 tons of medicine and humanitarian aid to stranded residents of the Gaza enclave.

"The aid is donated by the Libyan state and its people," Mr al-Khodary reportedly said, further adding the gesture was one of a series of Arab attempts to break the blockade on Gaza Strip.

Palin for US president

US President John McCain collapsed, and was rushed to the hospital. Many observers agreed on the fact that he maybe to old for the demanding job. Mrs. Palin will act as the stand-in president. She is criticized by many people because of her connectivity with the rest of the world. Also she didn't realized that Africa was indeed a continent and the Soviet Union doesn't exist for 20 years already. Therefor the head editors hope that Mrs. Palin brushes up her topographical knowledge.

OOC: Added the Palin for US President article.

Libya [Berlicum] - December 21, 2008 01:33 PM (GMT)
Libyan Railways

Today the first part of the new Libyan railwaynetwork is finished. The track and stations between the cities of Tripoli and Surt are ready for service, but official service will start at the end of the year.
With the help of the Italian goverment and companies the Libyan people have build miles of track and have finished 5 stationbuildings. Libyan student who study architecture have designed the station buildings.

Progress on the rest of the network is going the right way, the builders are still on schedule and the entire network will be finished next year.

user posted image
The red line is the entire network, and the green line is a possible connection to Egypt.

user posted image
Tripoli central station.

user posted image
Tripoli east station. (also location for the possible light rapid transport connection to Tripoli Airport)

user posted image
Surt station.

Agreement with Dutch Railways

The Libyan railways have an agreement on the use of dutch locomotives and trains.
The dutch railways have their very own designs they use on their network. The Libyan railways have obtained a licence to build these designes, but the first trains arriving in Libya will be second-hand and dutch build trains."As the dutch railwaynetwork is one of the most busiest and most used networks in the world their equipment is designed on a very high standard."
The CEO of the Libyan railways said.
From the second quarter of 2011 these designs can be build in Libyan productionplants.

Libya [Berlicum] - December 22, 2008 03:37 PM (GMT)
Libya battles crisis

The Libyan goverment and the local goverments have agreed on a plan to battle the economical worldcrisis, but also unemployment and slums in the cities. The homeless problem will be solved to. All unemployed and homeless people have to register them at the local register offices. There they will be assigned a project and they are educated a job. They will recieve food, shelter and $5,000 a year.

"This year the Libyans will start this ambitious plan to turn Libya into a 21th century nation. We will finish the Railways, construct motorways, build irrigation systems, solarpower farms, apartmentbuildings, office buildings and skyscrapers. We will start with Tripoli our capital. There they construction will be started during the second quarter of 2011, due to the education of the registered people." Tahar al-Hadi Al-Juhaymi, the minister of Planning said.

"In Tripoli we will expand the current airport to a capacity of 25,000,000 people each year. We will build a new soccerstadium, a Light Rapid Transport system from the airport to Tripoli East Station with a stop at the new stadium. 4 "green" skyscrapers will be build. All the corrupted parts of town will be demolished together with the slums and new apartmentbuildings will rise."
The mayor of Tripoli said.

The biggest projects in Tripoli.

Muammar al-Gaddafi Stadium (80,000 seats)
user posted image

Green skyscrapers
user posted image

Tripoli Airport
user posted image

LRT system

Airport station
user posted image

Muammar Stadium station
user posted image

Examples of how the new appartments will look like
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

peoples opinion about the "west"

The west became popular in Libya. The Libyan people are positive about the west in general, although the United States aren't as popular as Europe is in Libya. The people have the feeling that the US doesn't take Libya seriously. Europe with France and Italy up front are popular as the people feel Libya is taken seriously and are treated as equals.

"The US still thinks we are a bunch of terrorists, Libya is a liberal country, we aren't the closed country we used to be." a man in the streets said.

Libya [Berlicum] - December 27, 2008 01:59 PM (GMT)
City of Sahba announces "5 years plan"

As second city of Libya Sahba finished and published the modernisation plan.
The Libyan goverment and the local goverments are working together to reduce the dependence on oil income and clean up the nation, as the president has stated
"The preceding leaders have neglected the country and the infrastructure, my father saw this and together we are making the things right".

The city of Sahba has inventoried its historical places and buildings and placed these on the heritagelist. Sahba is popular with tourists for its historical sights and the beautiful Sahara dessert.

New tourist attractions and 13,000 new hotel beds will be build in and around Sahba.

The second project is the build of new infrastructure
user posted image
New Sahba airport with a capacity of 6 million people each year.

user posted image
Sahba central railway station.

And later this year builders will start the construction of a new 6 lanes motorway to Tripoli. (3 in each direction).

A completely new university will be build in Sahba. It will contain 8 faculties and will be housing 7,000 students. The new university is part of a nation wide plan education improvement plan.

As the Libyan goverment demands the slums and corrupted parts of town will be demolished and new buildings will rise there.

Govermental Education plan universities

The Libyan ministery of Education has released her plan s to build 7 new universities. These universities aren't constructed in the usual towns as Tripoli and Benghazi, just 2 are build in coastal towns while the other 5 are build in more remote areas.

Gharyan; 6500; 8 faculties
Sabha; 7000; 8 faculties
Birak; 2800; 3 faculties
Marzuq; 2100; 3 faculties
Awbari; 2500; 3 faculties
Surman; 3250; 4 faculties
Zuwarah; 4250; 5 faculties

123-acre satellite campus for the 7th of October University in Bani Walid, east of Tripoli.
222-acre campus for Al Asmariya university in Zletin, 100 miles east of Libya's capital city.
TOTAL 28,400; 14 different faculty types and related common facilities, 15,000 student residential units and 600 staff units (spread across the various sites).

Faculty Types:
IT, Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, Linguistics, Medicine, Medical Technology, Accountancy & Economics, Natural Resources, Nursing, Literature, Engineering, Business Management.

user posted image
Sahba University

Libyan goverment decided on "Airport Plan"

The Libyan goverment has given the Airport plan the green light and construction will start within 3 months. This plan includes the build of 5 new airports to cope with the expected growth in tourism and increase in cargo transports.

user posted image
Tripoli airport; 20,000,000 people each year

user posted image
Benghazi airport; 12,300,000 people each year

user posted image
Tobruk airport; 8,000,000 people each year

user posted image
Sirt airport; 6,800,000 people each year

user posted image
Sahba airport; 6,000,000 people each year.

Libya [Berlicum] - January 1, 2009 03:29 PM (GMT)
Libyan troops to Somaliland

Earlier today the Libyan commander of the troops in Mogadishu has announced the departure of the Libyan troops from Mogadishu to Hargeisa (the capital of Somaliland). They will leave during the day in 3 convoys.

"The higher commanders in Tripoli have decided to depart from Mogadishu due to the lack of progress. As Somalia is lacking central and regional goverments, except for Somaliland, the Libyan armed forces have decided to assist the goverment of Somaliland."

user posted image
Libyan BTR 80. (last one in the first convoy)

Libyan Football Federation announces merge

"Ladies, Gentlemen of the press,

I'm glad you all could find time to attend this press conference,
This is a great day in Libyan football history, the Libyan football federation and his Algerian counterpart has agreed on a merge of competitions behind closed doors to improve overall quality of the football. 16 Libyan and 16 Algerian teams will togetehr form two leagues, The Maghreb premier league (16 teams) and The Maghreb Second League (16 teams).
Also a Maghreb Cup will be played with all 32 teams."

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